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We proudly serve Lehigh Valley and the surrounding areas, including Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Emmaus,

Berks County, and Bucks County.

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My blogs are to help educate people how to properly take care of their equipment.

For those of you who are new to my website, I welcome you. Small engine repair is my passion. I take pride in my work which shows by my 5 star rating.          

By davessmall98088139, Nov 2 2018 03:28PM

Now is time to get your snowblower ready for the upcoming season. Snow blower and generator maintenance is crucial now before it snows. I am getting snow blowers now and already beginning to get backed up. Since its early in the season its better to schedule and appointmenr now so you will have it when it does snow. Also in case of power outage you want to have your generator ready to go as well.

Because we had such a rainy summer, lawn mowers were used extremely hard or more so then normal, if you need maintnenance on your lawn mower, yard vac etc please call to schedule an appointment at 610-704-9808,

Thank You!! Your business is appreciated!!

Davessmallenginerepair.com 610-704-9808

Services: small engine repair maintenance such as tune ups, carburetor cleaning and rebuilding, engine diagnostic testing, starter repairs, blade sharpening, oil change, belt replacement, drive repair or replacement and pick up and delivery,

Equipment: lawn mowers, snow blowers, pressure washers, generators, chippers and shredders and more.

Servicing: Emmaus, Allentown, Trexlertown, Alburtis, Center Valley, Upper Milford, Limeport, Macungie, Wescosville, Bethlehem.

Equipment : lawn mowers, snow blowers, pressure washers, generators, chippers and shredders and m

By davessmall98088139, Sep 16 2018 09:10PM

Now that we are seeing signs of the weather changing, its time to get ready for the winter season. Check your genertor and snow blowers to make sure they are in working order for the upcoming season. Here at Davessmallenginerpair we are preparing as well. Give us a call if your equipment is in need of a tune up or repair. We offer pick up and delivery as well. Cost of this service is determined by your location.

As summer comes to an end and mowing is over, consider having your lawn mower winterized. Call us for details at 610-704-9808.

Thank You!! Your business is appreciated!


By davessmall98088139, Mar 20 2018 11:24PM

iPadGreat News!!!

Dave’s Small Engine Repair is now accepting riding mowers!! If your riding mower is in need of a tuneup or minor repairs please call Dave’s Small Engine Repair at 610-704-9808. Don’t delay call today!! DSER is your go to for most outdoor equipment, such as lawn mowers, pressure washers, generators, snow blowers and more. Remember we offer pick up and delivery ( price will vary according to distance). Thank you for considering DSER to service your outdoor equipment!!

Services: Small Engine Repair and Maintenance, Tune-ups, Carburetor cleaning and rebuilding, Engine diagnostic testing , Estimates, Starter repairs ,Blade sharpening , Oil change, Belt replacement, Drive repair or replacement and Pick up and Delivery.

Equipment: Lawn Mowers, Snow Blowers, Pressure Washers, Generators, Chippers and Shredders, and more . Servicing:Emmaus, Allentown, Trexlertown, Alburits, Center Valley, Upper Milford, Limeport, Macungie, Wescosville, Bethlehem.

By davessmall98088139, Feb 6 2018 03:55PM

Davessmallenginerepair.com 610-704-9808

Services: Small engine repair and maintenance such as tune ups, carburetor cleaning and rebuilding, engine diagnostic testing,, estimates, starter repairs, blade sharpening, drive repair or replacement and pick up and delivery.

Equipment: Lawn mowers, Snow blowers, Pressure washers, Generators, Chippers and shredders and more.

Sericing: Emmaus, Allentown, Trexlertown, Alburtis, Center Valley, Upper Milford, Limeport, Macungie, Wescosville and Bethlehem.

Winter isnt over and even though we havent had much snow its better to be prepared. Its

best to go out and start your snow blower to make sure its in working condition.

Spring is getting closer and closer so you should start thiking about your lawnmower,

pressure washer etc. Just call Davessmallenginerepair.com @ 610-704-9808 for any

maintenace you may need.

In the near future changes will be coming to my website!!!

Please like us and share this post!! Thank you!!

By davessmall98088139, Jul 2 2017 12:47AM

As we are getting into the hot summer months, here are some tips to keep your equipment running at its best.

1. After mowing your grass and the engine cools rinse the mower to remove all debris, especially around transmission and self propel area.

2. Make sure you mower blade is sharp. Having a dull blade makes your engine work harder. Also a dull blade tears your grass blades leaving unsightly brown tips which can create disease on your lawn.

3. After mowing your grass keep your gas tank full so there is no room for condensation to build. Condensation is the number one cause of fuel breakdown.

4. As a suggestion or friendly tip when purchasing your outdoor equipment if it all possible purchase your items from a dealer and not from a box store. Unfortunately box store equipment is lower quality hidden behind a brand name. As a technician I have found customers to be very disappointed in how long there equipment lasts when purchased from a box store and many times I have not been able to get parts to repair.

5. If you repair your own equipment I recommend that you purchase o.e.m. equipment and please be careful installing these new parts. Just this year alone I have seen four blades put on a lawnmower upside down which can be very dangerous.

The equipment I repair include lawn mowers, snowblowers, generators, rototillers, pressure washers, chippers and shredders and log splitters.

My quality repair and maintenance services include detailed estimates, diagnostic testing, oil changes, carburetor cleaning and rebuilding, engine tune ups, valve adjusting and reseating, belt replacement, starter repairs, blade sharpening and more.

I also provide pick up and delivery for the following areas. Emmaus, Alburtis, Macungie, Trexlertown, Allentown, Coopersburg, South Whitehall, Fogelsville and Bethlehem and surrounding areas.

If you require service on your equipment I can be reached at 610-704-9808 or you can visit my various websites www.google.com/+DavesSmallEngineRepairEmmaus or DavesSmallEngineRepairEmmaus for Yelp or Facebook.

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